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2nd December 1909: We are not going to give away patterns of woolly waistcoats for men ...

 In our first entry from the Vote and its coverage of women's suffrage

One very interesting column on how to increase circulation of the paper sets out its aims:
writing that 

"We are not going to give away patterns of woolly waistcoats for men  or hints on making ottomans out of egg-boxes’ (p.67)

The editor argues that the  ordinary women’s newspapers are based on false boundaries of what men think is women’s role – housekeeping, clothes, and cookery 

Instead the Vote  aims to offer stimulating writing on  a wider range of topics. Certainly in this issue the  largest article is coverage of the old Bailey trial of 2 suffragettes Mrs Chapin and Miss Neilans who were accused of tampering with a ballot box . In this  coverage the journalist strongly criticises the way in which the justice system works against  women and sentences them to 'torture' .For those with access to the Times digital archive report of the same case . There is a great contrast  between the passion of the Vote commentary and the unemotional language of the Times.Central Criminal Court, Nov. 24." Times [London, England] 25 Nov. 1909: 4. The Times Digital Archive.

However one problem the Vote faced was low circulation. In this issue the editor addresses  the conflict of needing to accept advertising in order to operate,  but states that we do need to buy these things and the suppliers are reputable!
Adverts appearing in this issue include  the Women’s Printing Society, Farrows Bank (advertising services for women) as well as  'how to grow in beauty using pomeroy skin food', p69 advice on removing the 'unsightly blemishes of facial hair' facial hair using the Pomeroy electrolysis

What Christmas activates were going on in the branches?
The issue describes the Pageant of women’s history at the Albert Hall which enacted the history of great women from history including saints, warriors and artists.

All this for one penny!

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